• From stuck and stagnant to empowered with purpose


  •  "This isn’t just Career Coaching"

    This isn’t just Career Coaching. Our sessions together helped me to number one, see the limitations that I had and break the mold and that I have value. There are other things I could be doing and I should not be distracted by what you see in the 3D of my current reality!


    - Nakeenya 

    "You have completely changed my mindset. "

    “Thank you Janelle again! You have completely changed my mindset. When we first started meeting I didn’t know anything I didn’t have the confidence. I now have so much confidence I can conquer the world!


    Women need to see this is possible. Sometimes as women we are limited and told we can’t have what we want in life. Our society teaches us to have a limited mindset and just by seeing this is the path and courses I can take to have that it opens up, it breaks the glass ceiling.”


    - Ms. Dutton

    "The assignments you gave me felt like self care..."

    "The assignments you gave me felt like self care even if I couldn’t get to all of them but keeping those things in the forefront that I was a priority. How are you going to fit that into your budget, it's so necessary! If you can’t go to the spa, get in that tub upstairs and make your own spa. Taking care of me first <3

    I noticed I’ve been happier Janelle and because of this my daughter is happier."


    - Ms. Ray

  • Programs we offer...

    Browse the offers below, find the one that best suits where you’re at in your career or business, and let’s get to work.

    Conscious 9 to 5

    (Founders SALE!)

    Your job doesn't have to be a burden. Need guidance on how to land 6 figure roles with a flexible schedule? Release your limiting beliefs about 9 to 5s to welcome a positive career shift! I've made all the mistake so you don't have to! (Payment Plan Now Available)

    1:1 Coaching and/or Mentoring

    If you’re looking for 1:1 support and guidance in your career, business, and/or the Tech industry. I offer Strategy Sessions and occasionally take on longer-term clients.


    UX Coaching and/or Mentoring

    I currently run a UX Consultancy and have helped several women land 6 figure roles in technology and User eXperience. If you need UX mentorship, career coaching and strategy let's talk! 

    Get paid to shop! Mystery Shopping 101

    I've been mystery shopping for over 20 years! I can't believe it's been that long. It has always been a source of income I can fall back on when I was in between jobs, business or just something to do for fun. Time for you to get paid to SHOP!

    Awakened Relocation Restart

    Everyone says "You are not a tree, move!" I agree but it can be stressful. Relocating affects you physically, mentally and spiritually. After many fully funded cross country moves, I've developed a process so you can stress less when starting over!

  • Meet your coach...



    Janelle has been working in technology as a UX Lead for over 13 years and owns her own technology company. She is also an artist, mom and coach. She's been career coaching for years but with a twist! Janelle's coaching is focused on inner work, mindset, empowerment and how to monetize your gifts. She has helped many women completely shift their inner beliefs on how far they can go. They have switched from low income jobs to 6 figure industries, or left their low vibration jobs to start their purpose driven business. Many have even started an easy 9 to 5 to fund their new leveled up lifestyle of travel, entrepreneurship, ease and fun! Let go of limiting beliefs. Women need flow and ease to welcome in abundance and evolve into their best self..