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    How can I support you? Currently with the state of the economy one stream of income is never enough. I learned early on how to maintain multiple streams of income and climb the corporate ladder simultaneously. I eventually was able to take the leap to work for myself full time after having my son. All of these transitional phases in my life came with hard lessons that lead to my success.

    Throughout the years I've been coaching others and leading them to their goals and soul purpose. This is why I've self published books on how to find jobs that will pay you to stay home, I've helped people write + edit + publish their story, I've assisted so many with landing their dream job and I mentor/coach people daily.

    I empower and encourage people to take the same leap I was scared to take years ago while avoiding the same mistakes.


    Living your best life and being the best version of yourself starts with you.

    Let me support you on your journey.

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