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    From stuck and stagnant to empowered with purpose


  • Struggling with your career journey?

    • You feel overworked unfulfilled and like life is passing you by
    • You feel like you have loud negative voices holding you back from your next level
    • You feel stuck and stagnant in your career
    • You want to monetize your gifts but don't know where to start
    • You want to manifest an easier career and lifestyle
    • You want to switch industries but don't know where to start
    • You need help finding work from home opportunities
    • You experience burn out and don't know why
  • Get the guidance you need!

    Strategy is key and tools are necessary

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    Learn the strategy from someone who has been receiving 6 figure job offers for 6+ years!
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    How to negotiate, take care of you, beef up your resume, and improve your network are all EXECUTIVE moves. It's time to be the CEO of your life!
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    Income Streams

    We’re going to share how to diversify your income streams so you never feel like you have all your eggs in one basket or job.
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  • Meet your coach...


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    Janelle has been working in technology as a UX Lead for over 13 years and owns her own technology company. She is also an artist, mom and coach. She's been career coaching for years but with a twist! Janelle's coaching is focused on inner work, mindset, empowerment and how to monetize your gifts. She has helped many women completely shift their inner beliefs on how far they can go. They have switched from low income jobs to 6 figure industries, or left their low vibration jobs to start their purpose driven business. Many have even started an easy 9 to 5 to fund their new leveled up lifestyle of travel, entrepreneurship, ease and fun! Let go of limiting beliefs. Women need flow and ease to welcome in abundance and evolve into their best self..