• 9 to 5 Escape Plan

    Let go of struggle and make it easy.

    Enjoy a life of ease, wellness, and abundance!

  • Make it simple sis!

    I help women strategize a plan to live a life of wellness, ease and abundance. Whether you are stuck in corporate or running a business, it's time to let go of the "hard work" burned out lifestyle. 

    Clear your blocks and change your beliefs.


    I work with women who are ready to change their mindset and energy. You are meant to receive with little to no effort.


    It can be easy!


    How It Works


    Get on a Call

    In Your Free Clarity Call with me, you’ll identify what you truly want, what’s REALLY stopping you from gaining your abundance, and what you need to do to achieve it.


    Customized Plan

    Receive Your Customized Plan on the exact steps to take to increase your work life balance experience and in turn increase your sales and/or salary.



    Over 6 - 8 Weeks, we’ll guide you through that Customized Plan. You will experience a transformation, to run a more streamlined business/career -emotionally, physically and mentally.

  • Have you read my books + course?

    Most millionaires have at least 7 streams of income....

    My book and course will show you how!

    160 Companies that pay you to stay home

    How to Find Work from Home Jobs Course

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    You can also email me at janelle@99prospect.com